I wish for long lingering glances


current favorite thing: the way mcu fandom has collectively decided that bucky barnes’s response to steve rogers trying to follow him is “nOT IF I FOLLOW YOU FIRST”

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That one time Bucky found out how Steve “died”.


That one time Bucky found out how Steve “died”.

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Bang bang, that awful sound 
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

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The fact that this man on the bridge calls him ‘bucky’ when everyone else calls him ‘the assetreally, really, fucking really screws with him. you can almost see the schematics of the programming whirring behind his eyes and that SPARK there, like he didn’t have a name before this stranger gave him one? carries through to the next scene, which i am going to admit is my absolute favourite; oh my GOD. OH MY GOD he played it like a child who wants something like a child who really just WANTS THIS ONE TOY FOR CHRISTMAS like he’s trying to make his inner landscape come to life just so he knows he’s not crazy. ‘i knew him,’ he says, and i bit teethmarks into my hand. it’s the single strain in his mind; the only thing strong enough to counter the kill order, and he keeps repeating it like a drowning man with a lifeline, the only thing in this haze. ‘but i knew him.’ he says; and he’s trying to CONVINCE pierce as much as trying to state it - if it only exists inside his head (the head that’s been wiped so many times by so many people, the mind that’s been scrubbed clean and then frozen and scrubbed clean and then frozen - ) then does it really exist? ‘but i knew him.’ he’s trying to convince himself as much as anyone, he only wants to know that he hadn’t imagined it. he nods a little, to make his point. this usually works. this is his mission report. they always believe his mission report. it’s so obvious he doesn’t even think of himself as a person; he’s an asset, and he’s a tool (he would be MORE THAN CAPABLE of taking out the entire room, but he doesn’t; why? why?) and he’s never registered the need or even desire to be anything else until this day, and all he wants is to remember, because it threw him and it unsettled him and it’s for the mission and won’t you please let me remember - 


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i always love this part because it means that maleficent had to be like “haha ok i’m gonna cover her with my cape and when they go WHERE IS SHE i’ll be like BOOM TADA”


i always love this part because it means that maleficent had to be like “haha ok i’m gonna cover her with my cape and when they go WHERE IS SHE i’ll be like BOOM TADA”

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megane. megane. megane.

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i’m actually amazed i haven’t heard more people talking about the moment sansa assists tyrion in this ep. sansa choosing to assist tyrion is a Huge Deal considering the situation - joffrey is publically humiliating him, making a big, ugly display of his power. and simply by handing tyrion the cup sansa is openly displaying her hostility towards joffrey, and her giving voice to everyone’s disapproval. not to mention, it’s a perfect example of ‘courtesy is a lady’s armour’ - that kindness, acting doubly as an insult, as a statement. she chooses to side with the person joffrey is humiliating. she takes away some of his power just by being kind.

and can we talk about this moment?



this is the person who tormented her for months. the person who could easily punish her over and over for any small transgression against him.

and she looks him in the eye, bends down and picks up that cup, and makes no mistake in showing him she knows exactly what she’s doing and she doesn’t approve of his actions.

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keep rollin out that sansa hate and wait till twow/ados cause my girl is coming back for everything

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Mothers argue with their daughters the same way all around the world.

That’s the nice thing, we are all the same, it’s a small world and all that jazz.

The not-so-nice thing is that it was 8 a.m, i was still asleep and it was a phone call in russian from my dormmate to her daughter.

(I don’t speak russian, but i could tell)

"I also tried to provide a certain moment of pathos with the death. I mean, Joffrey, as monstrous as he is — and certainly he’s just as monstrous in the books as he is in the TV show, and Jack has brought some incredible acting chops to the role that somehow makes him even more loathsome than he is on the page — but Joffrey in the books is still a 13-year-old kid. And there’s kind of a moment there where he knows that he’s dying and he can’t get a breath and he’s kind of looking at Tyrion and at his mother and at the other people in the hall with just terror and appeal in his eyes—you know, “Help me mommy, I’m dying.” And in that moment, I think even Tyrion sees a 13-year-old boy dying before him. So I didn’t want it to be entirely, “Hey-ho, the witch is dead.” I wanted the impact of the death to still strike home on to perhaps more complex feelings on the part of the audience, not necessarily just cheering."  - George R.R. Martin — Entertainment Weekly: George R.R. Martin on why Joffrey died THAT way (via perksofbeingalannister)

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dont ask me about sexuality ur not gonna get a straight answer